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phuqqit's Journal

The Drive-By Snarker
According to a plethora of MDs and PHDs, I am mentally handicapped, mentally ill, and certifiably brain damaged. (in other words, autistic.) If I make no sense to you, those are probably why; or you could just be stupid.

I am also eligible for Mensa.

Hmmm...What else? Music=life & love. I listen to anything and everything and don't care if you like it or not. I also (try to) write fanfiction, although most of is so shitty I don't even bother trying to post it. I am obsessed (yes obsessed)with Pata from X-Japan and Ra:IN and squeal like a fucking idiot at every little insignificant thing that man does or will do, ever. I love a good story more than anything, no matter what form it comes in, whether it be a big damn leather-bound book or a random drunk guy rambling on about the weird shit that happened to him Friday night. I love alcoholic beverages (though I am somewhat picky), but I hate being drunk. I am entirely too interested in clothes right now, especially those of the anachronistic persuasion. I am in love with archaic notion of a gentleman, and I fucking adore steampunk.

In short, I'm a dork who needs to get out more.
ali project, aliene ma’riage, anarchy, angura kei, austin city limits, bass guitar, books, boystyle, buck-tick, budgies, butthole surfers, chachamaru, charles de lint, chi cheng, chirolyn, classic rock, cowboy bebop, cyberpunk, d, d.i.e., dai nagao, danny elfman, david fiuczynski, dead pop stars, death note, deftones, dick dale, dir en grey, discordianism, discword, dmbq, do as infinity, dolly kei, donna williams, drag kings, dream pop, duff mckagan, explosions in the sky, fanfiction, fantasia, final fantasy, fishboy, frank zappa, gankutsuou, garage rock, girl punk, gothic aristocrat, guitar wolf, guniw tools, guns n roses, gustav mahler, gypsy punk, haibane renmei, hide with spread beaver, hippies, hobbits, hora, ico, igor stravinsky, indie music, industrial music, inugami circus-dan, james iha, jane's addiction, janis ian, janis joplin, japanese court music, jazz, jazz punk, jhonen vasquez, judy and mary, kabuki, kagen no tsuki, kagerou, kagrra, kemonozume, key party, killing joke, kozi, kuroyume, larry niven, led zeppelin, linen, megatokyo, melt-banana, melvins, merry olde england, metal, metalocalypse, metronome, mike patton, mono no aware, mononoke, monoral, monster, mori boy, mori girl, mr. bungle, mucc, muppets, nana, natural kei, new york dolls, no doubt, noise rock, nonsense, olivia lufkin, onmyouza, pata, pearl jam, pierrot, pink house, plastic tree, primus, prog rock, punk rock, ra:in, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, ryo owatari, ryuutarou, santana, schwarz stein, science fiction, scott mccloud, serial experiments lain, shoegaze, shonen knife, sigh, silent movies, ska, smashing pumpkins, spike spiegel, steampunk, stoner rock, surf rock, taiji, taiko, tea, the boredoms, the candy spooky theater, the mad capsule markets, the yellow monkey, tim burton, tomiko van, tony kanal, webcomics, yoko kanno, yoshihito onda